These 5 Ways Can Expel Cysts in Your Body

These 5 Ways Can Expel Cysts in Your Body

Are you sentenced by a doctor to have a cyst? Many types of cysts. There are ovarian cysts, breast cysts, ganglion cysts, and many others. Don't panic, there are several ways to get rid of cysts.

Cysts are actually benign tumors. Cysts appear as lumps that grow in healthy tissue. Contains viscous liquid, pus, air, or something else. Cysts can appear in internal organs, such as the uterus, kidneys, lungs, and others. But there are also those suffering from external organs, such as the face or other parts.

Most cysts are not dangerous. But once handled too late, it can become malignant, even cause cancer. Believe every disease, there must be a cure, as well as how to cure.

 The following ways to expel cysts from the body that should be tried by patients with cysts depending on the type, place where the cyst grows, and the severity. Among others:

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1. See a doctor

Don't waste time analyzing diseases. Once you find symptoms of a cyst, such as a lump in the breast or other body parts, pain in the area of ​​the piece, or other, immediately see a doctor.

If the doctor finds a cyst in your body, surely you will be given information about the type of cyst, whether dangerous or not, have an infection yet. Also, of course, appropriate handling measures.

If you know the condition of the cyst from the beginning, it will be faster to treat, so it does not spread or cause infection and interfere with other organs.

2. Medicines

Drugs, commonly given by doctors to patients with cysts, are corticosteroid drugs and antibiotics. Corticosteroids are usually injected by a doctor into the destination according to established procedures.

With these drugs, inflammation is expected in the cyst area can be reduced. While antibiotics are recommended to be consumed if the cyst causes infection. 

3. Aspiration 

It's aqueous and sometimes semi-solid nature, allows the cyst to be aspirated or released. The doctor will stick the syringe, then remove the liquid.

4. Soak in warm water

Use the sitz bath method recommended in medicine. Namely soaking in a tub of warm water with a frequency of 3-4 times a day. This method can 'kill' the cyst slowly, relieving pain, burning, and itching.

5. Operation 

Cysts can be expelled by surgery or removal of the cyst. It can be large or small surgery, depending on the severity and position of the cyst.

6. Other ways

Other ways to cure cysts, including what can be done, such as immobilization, laser light, and taking birth control pills

(usually for patients with uterine cysts to prevent the growth of endometrial cells). 

Medical treatment for patients with cysts certainly differs from one another, depending on the type of cyst. You can do ways to get rid of cysts at home, including:

Compress cyst lumps using warm water. Do it for about 20-30 minutes, every 3-4 times a day.
Keep the cyst area clean. The way to wash lumps and skin using antibacterial soap.
Don't squeeze the bump. If you intentionally do that, can cause infection.
Understand Cysts and Submit Health Insurance
Cysts can occur in anyone, both men and women. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and always maintain a healthy body. Better to prevent it than cure.

As further protection, you need to have health insurance that will guarantee the cost of treatment for various risks of disease, including cysts.


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